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We did it! We released d2 Content Pro ... finally...

d2 Content Pro

Yes, we did it. We just release d2 Content Pro 1.1.4 publicly. So you can go ahead, subscribe at our website and download the component. We will comment here any major issues and tipps and tricks

If you had already installed a previously d2 Content free version (like 1.0.2) or you were a beta tester for d2 Content Pro 1.0.x (or even 0.9.x) you might run into problems when upgrading because we changed the table structure to save the profiles.

If you have Joomla and Database knowledge you will be able to solve the problem by removing the database tables of d2content (just 2). However if you had any profiles saved, they will be lost.

Otherwise we will try to write all solutions in our documentation.