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hCaptcha is a free CAPTCHA plugin for Joomla!
that helps your to reduce SPAM.


Captcha is a free CAPTCHA plugin for Joomla! that helps your to reduce SPAM.

i am human test




Our hCaptcha is a drop-in replacement for Joomla's default CAPTCHA plugins (reCAPTCHA + Invisible reCAPTCHA). hCaptcha works with

  • Joomla's default Registration form,
  • Joomla's default Contact form,
  • Acymailing,
  • and all non-core extensions that use Joomla's CAPTCHA plugins.

Why use an alternative CAPTCHA?

Google's reCaptcha is well-known and free to use. Why should you consider hCaptcha as an alternative?

  • You value the privacy of your visitors. When you use an external CAPTCHA service, the IP address of your visitors is shared with the external service provider. More and more people are uncomfortable of sharing so much information with big companies like Google.
  • You have visitors in countries that sometimes block Google's services. When that's the case, visitors from those countries cannot use your website forms that are protected with reCaptcha.
  • Google changes their Business Model. Currently the use of reCaptcha is free for site owners. However, big users like Cloudflare, a large CDN provider, recently was informed that they had to start paying for the service. See: The Cloudflare Blog: Moving from reCAPTCHA to hCaptcha
    Google has changed their Business Model for other services before, for example with Google Maps: site owners using Google Maps on their their site need to submit their credit card and when it's used a lot, they have to pay.

Other hCaptcha Plugins

Some non-core form extensions like RsForm Pro and BreezingForms use their own CAPTCHA plugins.
Joomla's default CAPTCHA plugins and our hCaptcha do NOT work with those extension.

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