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I get an error on updating d2 Content

I just tried to update d2 Content Free version from 1.0.2 to 1.1.x and I get an error message. What can I do?

I get the following error...

"Please uninstall the old d2 Content version + all d2 Content Database Tables before installing this versions."

d2 content error on update 102

This error is created because we change our structure completely to have a clean table structure for future versions.

How to solve:

1. Uninstall

First - backup your site!!! ALWAYS BACKUP FIRST!!!

Then, uninstall "d2 Content Free": Go to Joomla menu "Extension" - "Manage" - "Manage".
Filter on "d2" mark all lines and click on the button "uninstall"

d2 content 102 uninstall

You might get a warning about the manifest or even an error, that the component could not be uninstalled successfully - or something similar. Please continue with step 2.

d2 content 102 warning

2. Remove database entires

First - backup your database!!! ALWAYS BACKUP FIRST!!!

The next step is more technical. You will have to remove the following database entries.

Delete the following two tables:

  • #_d2content_profiles
  • #_d2content_profiles_map

Then check the table #_extensions if there is an entry for com_d2content. If there is one, remove that one line.

3. Refresh the update sites

Now back to Joomla: go to the menu "Extensions" - "Manage" - "Update sites"
Remove any entries for "d2 content" and then click on "Rebuild".

4. Install the new version

It should be possible to install the newest "d2 Content Free" (or Pro) without any problems now.


If you have an further problems, please write through our support form.