Joomla 4 version soon

d2 Profiles in Joomla 4

It took us a long time and many hours of work, but we are almost there. Within the next weeks we will finally have a beta version to test for Joomla 4 and hopefully in April 2022 a release of "d2 Profiles".

This will be our Joomla 4 version of d2 Content Free and Pro.

We decided to do a whole new extension as we had many ideas to improve our concept and we did not see a way to solve it as in Joomla 3.

So the Joomla 4 version will be plugin based and more easily extendable for other extensions too - we wanted to keep it as flexible as possible - just like Joomla is.

You will be able to setup the following:
- integrate custom fields in the Joomla article form in the backend
- choose your own titles for tabs and fieldsets
- choose the width of your columns for the fieldsets
- planned: extend also for frontend
- planned: extend for other components like Contacts, Banners,...

Stay tuned!